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A Review of The Secret and the Law of Attraction

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A Review of The Secret and the Law of Attractionlaw of attraction

According to the law of attraction in the book titled The
Secret, it is argued that positive thinking creates life-changing events, which
can results in increased health, happiness and wealth. The book was initially
released as a DVD which contends that the universe is controlled by the natural
law known as the law of attraction. The law is said to apply in the life of a
person; his or her experiences, events, situations, as well as people who match
their frequency.


The author of the book claims a corresponding frequency of
how people think and feel is sent out. In return, it attracts people, events and
situations among others that have the same frequency. The author, for instance,
claims that if a person feels angry, they attract situations and events that
will make them angrier. On the other hand, when one feels and thinks in a
positive way, he or she attracts positive circumstances and events. The law of
attraction thus determines it can be used to explain the outcome of one’s thoughts
and feelings. Outcomes related to positive feelings and thoughts include
wealth, health, as well as happiness. For instance, it is argued that a sick
person who is taking fake sugars is likely to get cured quickly, not because of
what he or she is taking but because he or she thinks of being well.


The author of the book talked of Abraham, a group
consciousness from the non-physical dimension. Abraham states that anytime one
feels exhilaration, great love, or pure joy, it is Abraham, which is the energy
of source. The teachings of the law of attraction, referred to as Abraham
Hicks, follow the bottom line that people form their reality through how they
think, emotions constantly guide people towards their desired direction and
that life should be easy and fun.

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Power of Now Review

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Eckhart Tolle, a German author who is also famous for his spiritual writing in the United States written the famous book “The Power of Now”. To read this book thoroughly you need to give some extra time, because if you don’t give extra time you couldn’t understand the inner meaning of this book. So if you can dedicate some extra time for reading this book then you can understand the full ideas of this book.

present moment

The author through his book tries to give all of us a message. The message based on self-help guide and also teaches us how to avoid your attention from the past or the future and only concentrate the present moment. But the readers like us may find it difficult to agree with his message. But with his clear writing and eagerness he defined what is meant by “living in the now”. He wrote his book in a Q&A pattern. As we all know that spiritual wisdom is very much difficult to understand, so to make the readers understand the spirituality he emphasis on answering the questions from others in the entire book. This is the best way to understand what he wants to say by reading all his answers.


The main principle of the book is to know the concept of “living in the now” or in easy way we can say being in the present moment. The German author in his book describes how many of us continuously involved them in fascinating thoughts throughout the day. This is nothing referred as logical sate of mind. We all either think of the past or the future rather than accepting the present moment of our life. This tendency occurs when fear and negative emotions such as temper, depression, guilt, sorrow etc swallow you as you want to accept the past or the future.


Tolle has given so many ideas and inspirational thoughts through his book. He also stated that external things like a costly house, a huge amount of money, a nice and sexy body can’t make you a complete person. All these are nothing but certain needs to make your life happier. These needs or ambitions only fill up your empty mind. It can’t give you real happiness.


In a quote the writer describes how everyone uses the external sources to define their identity and their confidence. He explained in a beautiful way that these external sources are nothing but attractions. It may be possible that you lose your job one day, or may lose you partner one day or one day you become old and on that day you don’t have any physical attraction to praise. Those materials will always come and go in everyone’s life, but the main thing is you. In this book, the author also enlightened about the relationships. Tolle also added some markers in his book to indicate “break time”. When the readers reach those markers, the author advised them to close the book for the time being and deeply think what they have just read. This method will enable them to understand author’s ideas clearly.

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